Mobilité Locale Transfrontalière - PAWLUX



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Objet du projet

Encourage sustainable mobility goes through pedestrian accessibility improvement. Luxembourg-City is an interesting case for pedestrian accessibility study. With an uneven topography, users have frequently to get over invisible barriers following their mobility capacities and their speed to cover distances. Furthermore, an inherent structures analysis of users' behaviours could offer a better understanding of their wayfinding, in order to propose an urban network modeling as a tool for studying pedestrian accessibility, through daily mobility, in Luxembourg-City.

Schéma méthodologique du projet PAWLUX
PAWLUX theoretical framework

Période du projet



Pedestrian accessibility, Wayfinding, Urban network modelling, Daily mobility, Handicapped accessibility, Sustainable mobility

Cadre institutionnel et partenaires

Founded by the FNR in an AFR

Project owners

  • EVS ISTHME (UMR5600), University Jean Monnet (Saint-Etienne, France)

Comité de thèse

  • Thierry Joliveau (Directeur de thèse, ISTHME)
  • Olivier Klein (CEPS/INSTEAD)
  • Philippe Gerber (CEPS/INSTEAD)
  • Marc Schneider (CEPS/INSTEAD)

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